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Try out Windsor by using templates made by one of our experienced actors
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Up to 500 videos/month Basic videos are using our free templates
Additional videos at $0.50/video Disabled until you add a credit card
Videos from professional actors
Access to basic integrations Klaviyo and Zapier
One user per account
Windsor subdomain Your videos will be hosted on videos.windsor.io


Personalized videos at scale - with your own face and voice
$0.30 /video
Starts at $300/mo*
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Create Custom Avatar Be on camera and create your own personalized videos
Unlimited custom videos These are videos created by your custom avatars. A budget can be set to control your spend.
Unlimited basic videos These are videos created by our professional actors. A budget can be set to control your spend.
Quality assurance Every video is reviewed by
a human to ensure quality
Access to premium integrations HubSpot, Outreach, LGM and many more
Unlimited teammates Invite your entire
marketing team or agency
Custom subdomain Your videos will appear on `videos.example.com` instead of `videos.windsor.io`
* Includes one custom avatar with up to 1,000 videos each month for $300. All additional videos after the first 1,000 will be billed at $0.30 video.

Custom / Enterprise

Higher volumes, faster support, and access to all our integrations
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Everything in Standard
Custom volume discounts
Custom integrations Custom integrations for your tools and workflows
Dedicated Slack Channel A Slack Connect channel so you can get quick access to our entire team
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Negotiable SLAs Ensure that your videos are created faster

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ‘Avatar’?

An avatar is an AI model that will be used to create your personalized videos. An avatar could be created for anyone on your team, whether they’re the founder or a team member. In the case that a team member is not available, we have a team of professional actors with pre-built avatars that can record your videos. Windsor creates a custom AI model for each person, tuned to perfectly match their face and voice.

How does the AI engine actually work?

We first create a custom AI model using 20 to 30 minutes of recorded audio and video.

The created AI model can then be used to record as many “template” videos as you’d like. Think of a template video just like an email template that has blank sections left for your customer’s “First Name”.

That’s everything our AI engine needs. Now, when your customers make a purchase, abandon a cart, or fill out a form, Windsor takes the original template video and “fills in the blank” – thus making your face and voice accurately say your customer’s name. To easily test it out, you can find samples here.

I hate being on camera and just want to get started now!

We have an internal library of templates recorded by our team of professional actors. Our videos cover a variety of use cases like Abandoned Carts, Post Purchase videos, Newsletter Signups, and more.

Can I substitute more than the person’s “First Name” in the video?

Not yet, but we’re actively building out capabilities to integrate additional customer info. Stay tuned!

How are videos QA’d before going out?

Our team of experts review every video for quality assurance that Windsor’s AI engine creates. 

Yes, every video. If a video looks or sounds bad, we won’t send it to you or bill you for it. We instituted this QA protocol to prevent potential negative impacts on your brand. If a video is recorded with a good camera and microphone, nearly 97% of videos will be accepted after being reviewed by Windsor experts.

What happens if I go over my plan’s monthly email limit?

Extra videos on our paid plans are calculated at the end of your billing cycle and billed along with the next month's invoice

Do unused videos roll over into the next month?

No. If you are under your video limit at the end of a billing period, the unused videos do not roll over to the next billing period.

Are there any risks to AI automation?

Short answer - yes. AI generated videos (a.k.a. “Deepfakes”) have traditionally been used by politicians, hackers, and others with malicious intent. We take our duty to our customers and society very seriously.

We believe AI generated videos will be ubiquitous in the near future. There’s no stopping it and the only thing we can do is educate people about them and use it ethically. Most businesses will soon prefer generated videos to mass emailing. Our thesis is that generating a video will be considered no different than photoshopping your own image, and nobody will bat an eye. Until that happens however, the videos we generate for you will undoubtedly garner responses from your customers. We know that recipients react well to honesty and authenticity, and if that comes across in your videos - they will appreciate you for it.


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