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  • 7 Day retention on events
  • 500 User Profiles (most recently active)
  • ∞ Groups
  • 6 Sources
  • 2 Team Seats


More plans are on their way, but if you need these right now, reach out

  • More events, users, sources, seats, etc.
  • Historical Sync
  • Premium Support (via Slack or Email)

Frequently Asked Questions

How are user profiles counted?

Windsor does its best to automatically identify and merge users across your sources. This means duplicates or anonymous users don’t count against your limit.

What are groups?

You might call them teams, companies, groups, or something else - It’s just a group of related users. If you send a “group” property to any source, Windsor will use it to group those users and make searching or managing them easier.

Want more on the free plan?

Most ambitious startups or meaningful projects have been able to evaluate Windsor on the free plan. If you really need more before you’re ready to buy, get in touch with a team member to work something out.

What about all my existing users?

When on the free tier, you can see every event sent to Windsor over the last week, but not before you signed up for Windsor. On a paid plan, you can go much further back. Once you upgrade, reach out so a team member can help you pull in the data before you signed up.

How about security?

We know we’re asking you to trust us with sensitive data so we take the utmost care to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. All data is encrypted at rest, all requests are made using SSL, and when dealing with keys or user accounts, Auth0 handles the rest. Stay tuned for our detailed post on Windsor’s commitment to security.

You didn’t answer my question

Please contact us at and a Windsor team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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