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How Bidnamic boosted user acquisition by sending 2,000+ videos a week using Windsor

Earlier this year, Bidnamic leveled up its outbound email campaigns with Windsor’s personalized videos. The partnership supercharged the company’s campaign engagement and encouraged B2B conversions through the entire customer funnel.

We sat down with Ingvar Kraatz, COO and Co-Founder at Bidnamic, to unpack how Windsor’s videos helped generate customer trust.

“Windsor’s personal touch helps close contracts down the line. It steers away from just talking about numbers, instills trust, and starts building out the relationship. That trust helps us close deals better.” 

The Problem 

When Bidnamic first met the Windsor team, the company was in a healthy place – business was booming, paired with an impressive client roster. However, as Ingvar points out, there’s always room for improvement, which is why he was looking to continually enhance outbound email.

Outbound email is one of Bidnamic’s largest revenue-driving and lead generation channels, so Ingvar’s team is always seeking out opportunities to finetune their engine. More specifically, they were on the lookout to identify and test a SaaS product that had the potential to increase email conversion and click rates and funnel leads to their website via hyper-targeted personalization.

While there are countless clever ways to drive results in this context, Bidnamic identified video messaging as the best way to increase engagement – and that’s where Windsor comes in. 

“At Bidnamic, we were looking for a simple way to stand out – compared to traditional email outreach. Windsor was something unique that not every company was doing.” 

The Solution

From a tooling perspective, Windsor solved some of Bidnamic’s most pressing questions around personalization and optimizing outbound email campaigns – exactly what it needed.

Windsor videos introduced a genuinely unique feature that enabled Bidnamic's email campaigns to shine and stand out in a founder or operator’s flooded inbox – thus further differentiating their product.

Other companies can’t compete because they simply aren’t utilizing AI video yet. 

“Personally, I believe to generate interest in your services, you only have a split second to capture the prospect's attention and stand out vs the hundreds of emails they will be receiving a week from companies looking to partner with them.”

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The Results

Once the Bidnamic team onboarded with Windsor, they quickly saw positive results. Regarding quantitative metrics, they tracked how Windsor was impacting their outreach from end to end: including scanning click-through rates and successful email-to-website conversions. 

Through this framework, Ingvar could see that Windsor brought undeniable improvements to web traffic bumps via email campaigns. From there, they looked down funnel and assessed how many people who replied to Windsor emails converted to demo bookings or actual customers. 

During this ramping-up phase, Bidnamic was sending about 2,000 Windsor videos per week. They concluded that the personal touch of those videos creates a new type of experience and interaction for the customer — and ultimately increases email campaign clicks and conversions. 

Importantly, Windsor videos build a sense of trust with potential customers by constructing a “face-to-face”, personal relationship between them and a company – in this case, Bidnamic. Trying to replicate that same level of investment through static copy is downright impossible. 

“Windsor allowed us to capture the attention of some top prospective clients and opened them up into wanting to listen to what we have to say.”

The Future

Bidnamic views marketing from the POV of their tech company ethos: they want to be at the forefront of what’s technologically possible. It’s why they’ve built an entire B2B product around ML and continue to invest in new AI solutions to amplify everything from outbound engagement to client success.

With our AI-powered, personalized marketing videos, Windsor is no exception.

“As a tech company, we want to be cutting-edge in every aspect of our business. Windsor presented the opportunity for us to get there in email outreach.”

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