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How an eCommerce store increased repeat customer purchases by 36%

Windsor recently got to work with one of the largest online dog food brands. Because they wished to remain anonymous, for the purposes of this case study we will refer to them as ACME.

The problem

ACME is an online dog food retailer. Given that consumable pet products are a recurring expense, customers who return to the store are over four times more valuable over their lifetime than one-time customers.

  • This means that for every 1% increase ACME sees in customer return rates, they see over a 2% increase in their revenue.

When ACME started working with us they were seeing a customer return rate of 11% they hoped to improve. To do so, they were searching for a way to increase brand loyalty while also standing out from the rest of the industry.

The solution

Windsor videos allow an individual to record one video and to personalize that video to tens of thousands of customers every day. In this case the idea was to create and personalize a ‘Thank You’ video, and to send that out to customers after they made a purchase.

The idea was that this would increase the likelihood that a customer would return to buy again.

This was similar to a study we had already conducted with another Windsor customer, which had shown a large increase in the number of return customers. ACME had even more potential for revenue gains given the high LTV of repeat customers in their industry.

We integrated directly into ACME’s Klaviyo account to automatically send out videos to a certain percentage of customers who made a purchase. The videos looked something like this:

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The results

Over the six month period we sent out about five thousand videos. In the same period of time, there were about twenty thousand customers that did not receive videos. We compared these two groups to see if Windsor’s videos significantly increased the likelihood of a customer returning.

  • In the control group (no video) 2,250 out of 20,500, or 11% of people, made a second purchase after their first purchase

  • In the video group about 800 out of 5300, or 15% of people, made a second purchase after receiving a video.

This means that buyers who received personalized thank you videos were about 36% more likely to return again.

In online retail it is crucial that you build brand awareness and loyalty. Sending out personalized messages is a great way to do this, but it doesn’t work at scale. Windsor allows you to send out thousands of video messages so that all of your customers know how much you care.

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