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Kawaii Lighting


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How Kawaii Lighting boosted repurchase rates by 45% after implementing Windsor's AI videos

Kawaii Lighting is a luxury lighting brand catering to content creators and stars like Cardi B, Paris Hilton, and Riley Reid. The team at Kawaii turned to Windsor’s personalized videos to give their company a face and a voice in the eyes of their customers. 

In turn, this humanized the brand and enabled more valuable long-term relationships. Implementing Windsor ultimately allowed Kawaii Lighting to maintain their white-glove customer support and communicate gratitude to each individual buyer at scale.

The Problem

Lan Bui, Founder of Kawaii Lighting, explains that one of his top priorities for the company was always customer service “at any cost.” They sell luxury SKUs that are priced accordingly, so he knew his audience expected a high level of service. 

They wanted to ensure they personally knew every single user, so their first 1,100 buyers received handwritten notes as part of their customer service pitch. However, like countless DTC brands before them, they reached a point where they were shipping too many products. There simply was not enough time in the day to reach out to every consumer. 

So, they started looking for alternatives. Lan was intent on figuring out how they could automate customer outreach — while maintaining that essential personalized touch.

The Solution

In Lan’s words, discovering the “magical tool” of Windsor was a gift from the universe. Our AI-powered, personalized, and automated video messages enabled Kawaii Lighting to make every customer feel as if their CEO had reached out to them directly. 

The actual implementation in terms of recording and audio training was simple and streamlined. After one session, the team was ready to utilize Windsor’s deepfake tech. When they rolled out the Windsor videos, they started with one template, thanking the user for their purchase. 

The metrics they collected were so successful that, since then, they’ve expanded to 5–6 different flows for different user segments. Actual deployment of the Windsor videos works on autopilot, so not only is getting started low-lift, it also requires little-to-no maintenance as you scale and adopt more footage and templates.

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The Results

Since implementing Windsor, waves of Kawaii Lighting’s customers have reached out to say they felt genuinely appreciated by the personalized videos. 

In addition, Windsor’s pricing model means the ROI on personalization is immense. Every handwritten note previously cost them over a dollar, whereas each personalized Windsor costs notably less and takes virtually no time. Two specific metrics stood out after implementing Windsor:

  • 45% increase in returning customers who received Windsor emails
  • $11.22 increase in LTV of customers who watched the videos

The Future

Looking forward, the Kawaii Lighting team is excited to continue using Windsor to create customized videos for every new marketing beat. 

If they run a new ad campaign, they’ll just send the script to Windsor’s professional actors who’ll deliver the sales messages. This is especially useful considering Kawaii Lighting doesn’t have the bandwidth to record on their own. 

According to Lan, Windsor has become a fundamental tool in their marketing stack. They don’t see themselves ever parting ways from this partnership. If you’re looking to personalize your marketing outreach at scale with none of the lift, talk to us about a free trial of Windsor today.

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