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User acquisition
How Bidnamic boosted user acquisition by sending 2,000+ videos a week using Windsor
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Post purchase
How Peel sent over 10K personal thank you videos to customers in 2 months
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Post purchase
How Kawaii Lighting boosted repurchase rates by 45% after implementing Windsor's AI videos
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User acquisition
How AKM Media increased click-through rate by 45% after deploying Windsor's AI emails
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Winback campaign
How an eCommerce store increased repeat customer purchases by 36%
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What people are saying

Dozens of companies rely on Windsor

Lan Bui

Founder at Kawaii Lighting

I don’t think there’s going to be a time that we’re not using Windsor. We’re kind of hooked! It's like a marketing drug. Once you're on it, you can't get off it.

Ingvar Kraatz

Co-Founder at Bidnamic

Windsor’s personal touch helps close contracts down the line. It steers away from just talking about numbers, instills trust, and starts building out the relationship. That trust helps us close deals better.

Kevin Lee

Co-Founder at immi


Customer of Kawaii Lighting

Thank you so much for the video, it was cute and felt so personal I left a review of your product on my TikTok

P.S. If you're ever looking for new TikTokers to show off your products, my page is always open. I love your products and will buy more in the future!!!

Phil Vilk

Head of Marketing at All About Vibe

Our videos have led to a lot of UGC. People talk about our videos on TikTok and Instagram and our founder get 10DMs a day thanking him for it. We've never seen anything like this!


Customer of Peel

Wow I am amazed by the customer service just from this video you sent me.

P.S. Thank you for pronouncing my name right because no one ever gets it right from the first try :))

Matt Cook

Operations Manager at Vacations Made Easy

The conversion rate of the people that watch a video and go to our site is very very good. We can now just focus on improving open rates, and the videos will give us a home run.

Neil Shap

Founder at Linx Digital

Joelle Gourdji

Director of Operations and Marketing at Mirasee

We wanted to send out personalized videos to better connect with our audience. I’m glad we went with Windsor! We’ve been happy with the technology and really impressed with the team.

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