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How immi increased revenue by 176% when deploying Windsor's personalized emails

immi, a fast-growing F&B brand selling the world’s first high-protein, low-carb, and 100% plant-based instant ramen, turned to Windsor to elevate their email marketing flows and drive brand affinity. Since utilizing Windsor’s personalized video messages at scale, the immi team has seen 176% revenue growth coupled with significant lifts in positive user engagement. 

The Problem

Throughout his brand-building career, Kevin Lee, Co-Founder of immi, always heavily relied on email marketing. It’s one of the few organic channels left where brands fully own the direct relationship with their customer. 

immi already kept their emails colorful, fun, and packed with GIFs, which received delighted customer feedback. But they were always on the lookout for products to one-up their current flows — starting with personalized video. 

“The more personal the story, the more emotional resonance there is for the end subscriber. And the more they’re going to engage with your brand.” 

The Solution

The immi team came across Windsor organically: Marshall Haas, a founder-investor whom Kevin had been following for years, plugged Windsor as a stand-out tool and investment. After simply checking out our site, immi was hooked, met with our team, and began onboarding. 

Integration took about a month from end to end, though Kevin highlights that Windsor has accelerated onboarding since immi signed on.

He spent 30 minutes recording a script to train Windsor’s AI with his voice, and the software was ready to create personalized videos after 3–4 weeks. Embedding the videos into their email flows took a week max. 

Since then, immi has generated new video styles almost instantly and run them on autopilot via their Klaviyo campaigns.

After months of testing, they’ve seen impressive metric gains from abandoned cart sequences with Windsor videos and plan to explore additional use cases like welcome sequences for new subscribers.

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The Results

Since implementing Windsor, the immi team has run extensive A/B and split testing and found major quantitative growth. immi’s email campaigns through Windsor have generated: 

  • 176% lift in revenue in split testing
  • Up to 42% increase in net profits per email delivery for abandoned cart flows
  • Up to 300% increased recovery rate for abandoned cart flows vs standard emails
  • $8 increase in AOV for abandoned cart flows versus standard text-based email flows

Kevin also affirms the importance of pairing top-line success metrics with qualitative wins, such as the spike they’ve experienced in positive responses and engagement from subscribers.

After all, when users reply to campaigns, that improves your email deliverability rate across the board. 

“You can’t put a price on that type of happiness and brand affinity that you build with the customer. Windsor allows us to amplify that affinity through personalized emails.”

The Future

Looking forward, immi sees personalized video becoming a core component of the standard customer experience, from post-purchase flows to automated video content to answer FAQs. 

That makes Windsor an early player in this realm of eCommerce — and an arbitrage opportunity for brands like immi who start leveraging personalized video sooner rather than later.

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