September 12, 2022

Generating Upsells Without Being Pushy

Generating Upsells Without Being Pushy

Upsells are critical to growing an eCommerce business. Customers are often eager to purchase products or services that work well with their original purpose. Email campaigns are a great way to drive upsells - if they are done correctly. Customers want to be led into purchases, not hit over the head with pushy sales messages. Crafting email campaigns that lead and don't push is the difference between increased average order values and purchase frequency and a customer leaving a brand for good. This post will explore how to generate upsells for eCommerce without pushing customers away.

The Initial Sale

Most customers buy because they are looking for a specific solution to a problem. They may have seen an ad, been referred by a friend, or found the product while browsing online. Whatever the reason, once they've decided they need a product or service, they typically look for the best possible option. That's where upselling comes in - offering them a better solution than they originally thought possible.

For example, let's say a customer is looking for a new pair of shoes. They find a pair they like, but they're not sure if they're the right choice. The salesperson asks them a few questions to get an understanding of what they're looking for, and then recommends a better pair of shoes that meet their needs. The customer is happy with the purchase and goes home satisfied.

This is the ideal scenario for an upsell. The customer has found a product they're interested in, but they need help making the best decision. The salesperson uses their knowledge to recommend a better product, and the customer ends up with a purchase they're happy with.

Factors in a Successful Upsell

There are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to upsell customers.

The timing of the upsell is important. You don't want to recommend a better product before the customer has decided they need the original product.

The upsell needs to be relevant to the customer's needs. Offering a pair of shoes to someone who is looking for a new car is not going to be relevant, and will likely annoy the customer.

The upsell should be presented as a solution to the customer's problem. In the example above, the salesperson recommended a better pair of shoes because they understood the customer's needs. If the upsell is not presented as a solution, the customer is likely to see it as a pushy sales tactic.

Offline Upsells vs. Online Upsells

Upselling online is a little different than upselling in person. The customer can't see or touch the product, so they rely on the pictures and descriptions to make a decision. This makes it important to use good quality images and accurate descriptions to show the customer what they're buying.

Another difference is that customers can often shop around for the best price online. They may find the same product cheaper from another retailer, or they may find a better product for the same price. This makes it important to offer a competitive price and highlight the unique features of the product.

Finally, upselling online requires a little more finesse than upselling in person. Customers are less likely to respond well to a hard sell, so it's important to use soft selling techniques.

When it comes to online sales as opposed to brick-and-mortar sales like the example above, things are different. There often are no salespeople and the customer is often finding information about products and services on their own. That means online store owners have to use other tools to drive upsells and the sales of additional products. Chief among these tools? Email campaigns.

Upselling Without Being Pushy

Before diving into generating upsells through email without being pushy, let's first discuss the strategy behind upsells.

Pushing customers too hard to buy additional products or services can be a major turn-off. No one likes feeling like they're being taken advantage of, and being bombarded with constant sales pitches is a surefire way to make potential buyers head for the exits.

Instead of taking an aggressive approach, focus on providing value. Educate your subscribers on why upgrading or purchasing complementary products would be beneficial for them. Share relevant information and helpful tips that will make it easier for them to make an informed decision.

Be sure to focus on the customer's needs, not just your bottom line. If you can show that you're sincerely interested in helping them solve a problem or improve their situation, they'll be more likely to trust you - and more likely to make a purchase.

Keep your upsell offers relevant and targeted. If you sell products that can be used in a variety of ways, make sure you segment your list so that each subscriber only receives information that's relevant to their interests. No one wants to receive a pitch for a product they'll never use.

Finally, don't forget to follow up. Once someone has made a purchase, reach out and thank them. Check in to see how they're using the product and if there's anything else you can do to help them get the most out of it. This is an excellent opportunity to make additional offers that will be of real value to the customer. As we have detailed before, success and increased conversions can almost always be found in following up.

Email Upsell Best Practices

Email upsells are a great way to generate additional revenue from existing customers. They can be used to promote new products, offer discounts on related items, or simply provide more information about a product the customer has already purchased.

When done correctly, email upsells are an effective way to increase average order values and purchase frequency. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when crafting your upsell emails:

The subject line should be relevant and interesting. The goal is to get the customer to open the email, so make sure the subject line is something they'll want to read.

The email should be personalized. The customer's name should be used, and the upsell should be relevant to their interests. This is key. Do not simply offer your best-selling or highest-margin products. Upsell offers need to relate to the customer's previous purchases or current considerations.

The upsell should be presented as a solution to a problem the customer is likely to have. For example, if they've purchased a new pair of sunglasses, an upsell email could promote a sunglass care kit or elegant case.

The email should not be too long or too sales-y. The goal is to get the customer interested, not turn them off with a hard sell. This is where video from Windsor can play a big part. Custom videos make for short emails without sacrificing valuable content.

Integrating Windsor Videos into Upsell Campaigns

Windsor videos can fuel your upsell campaigns through customization and personalization. Unlike text-based email customization, Windsor video customization is dynamic. Windsor videos give your customers an even richer form of engagement with your online store. By using video as part of your upsell campaigns, you can offer different upsell options or general information to increase average order value and sales of related products.

For example, consider recording a Windsor video about each product you have that could be used as an upsell. Then, when the time is right, use that video to reach out to a customer. Windsor allows you to use their name and other customized information so that they think the video was made specifically for them and their transaction. This type of message resonates far more than a standard email text message.

Use Email to Make Upsells a Part of Your Growth Strategy

Email upsells are a great way to generate additional revenue from existing customers - but only if they're done correctly. By following these best practices, you can ensure that your upsell emails are effective and provide real value to your subscribers. And when you pair them with Windsor videos, you can take your upsell campaigns to the next level.

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