Record one video. Personalize it to a million people.

Windsor's AI technology can personalize videos the way Mailchimp can personalize emails. Videos are more personal and convert much better.

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Videos sell better.

Emails are dead. Videos consistently have better response rates. They book more meetings and close more deals.

But just like emails, sending a generic marketing video won't cut it. Your videos need to be personal...

Personalization at scale.

Recording a personal video for every single name on your list is impossible. With Windsor, you won't have to.

Start with a single video for a single name on your list. For each remaining name, Windsor's AI will edit the video to look and sound like you recorded each video individually.

Unlike emails, videos personalization goes beyond names...

Show your product.

Whether you sell a digital product or a physical one, videos let you do something emails cannot. You can show people what you sell.

If it's physical, just bring it on camera when you record. If you sell software, videos can include a screen recording or product demo.

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