See Everything Your
Users Do

Quickly identify errors, discover patterns and solve issues for your customers


Bring All The Tools

Windsor integrates with the tools you already use for payments, hosting, support, error tracking and more. Move fast when solving a problem by seeing everything you need to know.

Best-in-class search

Quickly narrow down to find the exact events leading up to an error or an old failed API call. Discover patterns in user behavior and stay proactive.

People first

At its core, Timelines is built for your users. Trace a user’s experience even before they reach your app, from opening a marketing email to closing a support ticket.

For Developers

Every company spends hours building and maintaining custom tools, bots and alert systems

Alerts SOON

Don’t build another Slack bot or complain about a service’s lacking support for alerts. Any query or event in Windsor can easily be made to notify you on Slack or PagerDuty.

A Unified API SOON

Not all people are the same, but APIs tend to be even more unique. Events on Windsor Timelines are accessible via a consistent, service agnostic API; Complete with webhooks.

For Support

View clicks, logs, opens, visits, errors, tickets and more - all in one seamless view

Better Handoffs

Search for a user on the timeline after an incident and glean more context before triaging the issue. Your developers will love all you do for them.

Take Action

Timelines integrates with People to let you respond quickly. View user history and message them or refund a charge using Actions from an event.

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