Meet Your Users

Discover and manage all your users with a single source of truth, using the data from third party tools


Unified Identities

Windsor automatically combines user data across tools, merges duplicates and cleans artifacts to give you the most accurate user profiles.

Key Metrics SOON

Using the services tools you connect, get quick access to important metrics for each user - Revenue from Stripe, number of incidents from Sentry, longest call length from Twilio and so on.


Complete the Windsor Experience by using People to manage user profiles on your own app. Store custom attributes and use derived traits to personalize your application, marketing and more.

For Developers

Managing users doesn’t need to be this hard

Generated Attributes  SOON

Windsor intelligently computes and injects attributes like a Customer LTV, or open support tickets so you can deliver a personalized experience to your users.

Custom DashboardsSOON

Every high-growth company builds custom tools to view and manage all their users. Windsor lets you write code and use your data to create custom UI hooks, making this 10X easier.

For Business

Every successful company maintains healthy relationships with their users. Windsor People provides you the tools you need to do that.

Check in on high value customers

Pin important users and check in on how they’re doing on support tickets, errors and more.

Privacy & Compliance   SOON

Windsor lets you easily execute on GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten by deleting data for a user across all your services with a single click. Data access through Windsor is logged and available for privacy audits.

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